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rule changes

Posted on: August 24, 2009 10:42 pm
now that a great deal of time has expired i think a new examination of the rule changes would be appropate.  As for me i still think they suck lol

minus 2 points for an earned run what the heck is that  

minus a half for a strike out  i have no idea why an out is  different than any other out

a pitcher is charged a full point for a hit or a walk used to be minus a half.  excuse me but a hitter that has four hits in a game has a great game and gets 4 points a pitcher that only gives up 4 hits also has a great game but gets punished with a negative 4 points used to be minus 2 makes more sense

penatly of minus 5 for a pitcher loss.  years ago cbs did this and abandoned it for good reason.  When you seclect a pitcher in the draft you already consider what team he pitches for and how that will effect his ability to win games and therefore accumulate points for wins.  When you select a good pitcher on a bad team you accept that disparity but now you are subjected to the loss penalty also it makes no sense. In addition no format other than head to head takes into account losses.  Because it is arbitray.  For instance if you play 5 x 5 one of the categories is wins,  It IS NOT WINS MINUS LOSSES

The requirement for relif pitchers.  This is silly if one chooses to he may.  I have seen some folks even myself play with nothing but or at least a whole bunch of them, but it should be a choice for this simple reason.  On any given week you have NO IDEA WHEN IF OR HOW MANY TIMES THEY WILL PITCH,  which adds an element of luck which is totaly arbitrary.  There is an element of luck in everything but the object of the game is to eliminate as much luck as possible and promote skill

blown saves and losses for relief pitchers.  this is again odd.  In the traditional closer role ie, entering in the ninth the very best he can do if he strikes out the side is is 11 points,  5 for the save 3 for the inning and three for the ks.  If he gets a blown save and the loss that is already minus 7 add a couple of runs and some hits and walks and his minus number is well past the 11 he could get at max that seems a tad weird.  HOW IS IT POSSIBLE THAT A PLAYER CAN AT ANY TIME POTENTIALY LOSE MORE POINTS THAN HE CAN WIN WHY WOULD YOU START THEM? 

anyway that is me and i dont think i am alone
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